More on the Internet of Things (and other political links)

I blogged a while back about possible problems with the Internet of Things, where all your appliances are linked into your home wireless network. One blogger looks at potential abuses of such a system; Freedom to Tinker looks at how much harder it will become to maintain security when we can’t be sure which device is hooked up to what, may not be able to log on or affect them, let alone know when they need patching. Consumerist reports a specific problem with Nest thermostats. And here the same blog looks at how tricky patching routers becomes.

•Bacteria immune to the last-resort antibiotic are now found in 19 countries.

•This is the sort of thing that makes me believe food regulation and inspection are more than just bureaucratic interference in freedom.

•Will Trump run America like a business? Because his business has filed Chapter 11 more than any other major company in the last 30 years.

•Fox News would like you to believe Michael Bay’s film about Benghazi is a very serious movie.

•Obama’s decision not to deport all illegal immigrants is now in the hands of the Supreme Court.

•Google may be able to access kids’ school data.

•It’s long been established that tattoos are covered by the First Amendment. It’s news that a federal court has ruled tattoo parlors are protected too.

•Here’s a new scam: making DVM appointments and selling them off.

•And now there are crooked call centers that cater to identity-theft and credit-card theft scams.

•A right-to-lifer admits that for her organization, shutting down Planned Parenthood isn’t about abortion, it’s about making it easier to have sex for pleasure.

•Universities selling out to corporate financial interests? One study finds that chocolate milk is good for concussion while another finds soft drinks are healthier than water.

•Volvo says it will have a death-proof car by 2020.

•A profile of Todd Starnes, a Fox News reporter with little regard for facts.

•Here’s some good news: Daniel Holzclaw, the cop and serial rapist, gets 263 years in prison.

•The evidence for Iraq having WMDs was more uncertain than the Bush administration made out. But as noted at the link, that just made the warhawks stronger: in their arguments, we couldn’t wait until we knew because it might be too late.

• rants that left-wing SF authors are suppressing right-wing authors. Jim Hines shows that, unsurprisingly, Breitbart is pulling it out of their butts. It’s a familiar game, too: I’ve seen other authors rant about how the reason their brilliant genius is not getting published is the SJW/feminazi cabal (the same one that castrated our TV shows).

•A Bloomberg Business News story confirms once again what happens when Wal-Mart moves in — other stores close — and then moves out — no stores!.

•It can be really easy to manipulate customer reps into giving up your personal data.

•Sorry Maureen Dowd, criticizing what a female politician wears or the behavior of her kids is still sexist, even if it’s Sarah Palin. And as far as her fashion sense, that’s a stupid point of criticism to boot.

•A forced-birth group accusing Planned Parenthood of selling baby organs has been charged with tampering with records and buying baby parts. The grand jury also cleared the PP branch of all charges.

•A virus spreading through Central America can cause babies to be born with severe birth defects. As El Salvador doesn’t allow abortions for any reason, the unofficial government recommendation is for women not to get pregnant until 2018.

•At the same link, a discussion of a Kansas legislative committee that refuses to let women testify if their blouses are too low or their skirts are too high.

•An Uber passenger worries he’s going to puke. The driver has been charged with forcing him out of the car at gunpoint.

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