Snowpocalypse? Or maybe Snowmageddon? (#SFWApro)

Not so far. We’ve had snow and sleet, and TYG and I certainly don’t anticipate driving before Sunday, at best, but it’s not that thick on the ground yet, and the power’s still on. However if I go dark for a couple of days, it’s probably because ice has taken down a power line or an internet connection somewhere.

This was a productive week. Particularly today: as TYG had to stay home, she did most of the dog wrangling. It’s really amazing how much work I can get done when they’re not distracting me. It’s really amazing how tired I feel—I’m not used any more to sustained concentration unbroken by dogs.


•Sent Questionable Minds to Angry Robot Books while it’s having one of its open-door, no-agent-required periods. One of my goals for this year is to send the book out or have it out every month (Impossible Takes a Little Longer too, once I make some final changes).

•Lots of TV watched for the book, and a couple of films.

•Put in some work tidying up the text, particularly the credits.

•Got much better at taking breaks and stretching during the day.

•Submitted my newest And column.

I have a feeling I’m going to be watching TV right up to the deadline, but as the text will be done, it won’t be as big a rush as on my last book.

I’m still trying to figure out how I can handle the dogs better after the end of March, when petting them while watching movies/TV will no longer count as work. I tried setting up a regular schedule of petting, to see if they’d get used to the schedule and stop demanding attention in-between … didn’t work so well. But they’re really frisky right now; Plushie, in particular, loves going out in the cold.

rtaylortime1960So there we are. And here’s a reminder that Herbert George’s (Rod Taylor) time machine from the 1960 film is still the best-looking time machine ever. Including the TARDIS (all rights to image with current holder).


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