Silent but stable (#SFWApro)

And up early, because Trixie wound up waking me and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Despite which (and I will be napping today), I’m feeling good. Strength up. Coughing not gone but way done. I still intend to take it easy until after Christmas, but I don’t see any problems. Except my voice (as noted before). It’s not too bad, but I know from experience how easy it is to tank it for weeks (and I have Illogicon coming up in just a few weeks) so I’m resting it. I’ll try talking on Christmas, taking care not to strain, then maybe talk at our post-Christmas party (TYG’s alumni thing)—or maybe not. That’s the environment in which I’d be most likely to overstrain it (as happened at the writing party). Once I get to talking, I simply forget breath control and everything else. So perhaps I should play it safe.

But barring sudden reversals, I don’t see the need for any more health updates until my voice returns.

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