Lessons learned this week (#SFWApro)

First, when I’m sick as happened last month, I don’t get stuff done (technically not a lesson learned as I already knew it). I hit about 50 percent of my November goals, which is a good deal lower than usual.

•My writing group is awesome. I read them the first chapter of Brain from Outer Space and the feedback was good. I’m hoping that actually committing to getting this one done will finally push my past coming up with plots that don’t work (I’ve had trouble ever since writing the Applied Science backstory series revamped my concept of the characters).

•I can get a lot done if I wake up early then nap later, but eventually I wear down. And stress (nothing serious, just accumulated little stuff) still keeps me up. On the plus side, we’ve trained the dogs not to lie on me when we go to sleep, so that’s going to help.

•Getting outside helps my mood a lot. Particularly if the pups aren’t with me.

•Having the Christmas tree up is a big mood booster to.

•I’m tired of hearing the same fricking Christmas songs covered by different artists. One reason I enjoy The Killers’ Red is that it actually has original Christmas songs. I’m also fond of the Scrooge musical soundtrack for the same reason. Still, I’ll be listening to Christmas music until the holiday is over. I like things Christmassy, possibly to make up for not having family to spend it with (due to geography, not death) for more than a decade before I moved up here.

Other than that, not much to report. I’ve been tired enough that it’s been almost all watching time-travel stuff this week. And not working on other stuff at the same time as much as I’d expected.

Still, any life that involves an adorable puppy can’t be all bad, right?



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