More Paris, more politics

Along with lying about how many whites are shot by blacks, Trump has also claimed that on 9/11 he saw thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey, despite being in NYC at the time. Roy Edroso looks at the right’s continuing condemnation of the Syrian refugees, and its defense of Trump—just because Trump overestimated the number of Muslims hardly proves he’s a liar! After all, it’s just as much a lie to say Muslims are peaceful, so Clinton is as bad as Trump, QED!

•Ted Cruz says we can let Christian Syrians in because Christians don’t commit terrorism. That’s bullshit.

•We also have several white guys arrested for shooting at black protesters in Minneapolis.

•One water law for rich and poor alike, resulting in millionaires being able to keep five swimming pools during a drought while people who xeriscape and only flush toilets occasionally still get fined.

•Yesterday I linked to the story of an FBI informant who seduced an activist into a terrorist plot. That sort of thing happens in Britain, too.

•The Mayor of Roanoke, Va., said that shutting out Syrian refugees is a smart policy just like interning Japanese Americans. At the link, he insists his statement was very respectful and moderate and he had no idea that if he posted it online, lots of people outside Roanoke would hear about it.

•The New York subways object to running some positive Muslim ads, but they’re okay with decorating a car with Nazi imagery for Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle.

•A North Carolina historian rips into claims from Niall Ferguson about how Muslims living in Europe is the fall of Rome all over again.

•A blogger wonders why an obit would only mention the deceased’s male parent.

•Beware the security flaw on new Dell laptops.

•Justice Richard Posner points out that requiring abortion doctors have admitting privileges at hospitals in case something goes wrong ignores that abortion is safer than many procedures that don’t have this requirement. It’s almost like the law was trying to drive abortion doctors out of business …

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