That rocking horse I mentioned? Kept rocking (#SFWApro)

Which is to say the cold that wiped me out last week wiped me out this week too. It wasn’t until Wednesday that I really had my energy back, and found myself fidgeting at watching endless TV for the time-travel book. Only I kept on watching the rest of the week because a)I still ran out of steam pretty fast; b)I had a long doctor’s appointment yesterday (nothing wrong, just a check-up, but it was a busy morning there) which really mangled the day. Oh, and c, I still have a lot of stuff to watch for the book, so I can’t slack up.

So not much accomplished, but I still put in a full work week, less time off for the doctor, so yay me! And I did get my new And column in today (on the current panic over Syrian sleeper agents) though it’s not up yet.

I’m also thinking about how to structure my days as I keep working on Time Travel on Screen over the next few months. Hours of watching TV make me very restless (I can sit for much longer watching movies), so I need to break up my time to make sure I don’t overload. However I also need sizable blocks to work on other projects, because that seems to work best for me. And at some point, I’m going to have to go all-Time Travel, all the time, so there won’t be anything to alternate with.

Food for thought.

And here’s a photo of Trixie on what she’s decided is her new throne.


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