More Paris

Some right-wingers are particularly offended that France isn’t responding in the right way. Mollie Hemingway, for example, thinks “Imagine” is “godless and Communistic” so people shouldn’t be drawing so much comfort from it.

•Chris Christie thinks even five-year-old refugees should be kept out of the USA. Texas state Rep. Tony Dale thinks letting in Syrians is bad because they’ll be able to buy guns (he is, however, a gun-rights advocates who opposes any sort of restrictions). Writing in Mother Jones, Kevin Drum argues that liberals should support restricting Syrian immigration to score political points; at the link LGM disagrees. And LGM makes the same point again here, quoting an article that points out the people we’re talking about punishing are innocent victims of the people we’re fighting.

•The Intercept points out ISIS would love it if Muslims were driven out of the West.

•Eric Erickson explains that he’s too scared to go the opening of the new Star Wars film because the jihadis could attack and kill everyone! And it’s totally different from when that guy in Aurora shot up the movie house because he wasn’t a terrorist!

•Trump wants to shut down mosques because we have no choice but to be bigots.

•Cable news talking heads freak out that Obama isn’t talking tough and vowing to bomb the Middle East back to the stone age.


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