Paris and other topics

I have nothing deep or useful to say about the Paris attacks but other people do:

•The blame game: Roy Edroso looks at conservative eager to blame liberals or Obama or allowing non-white people to emigrate to Europe or the US. Shakezula catches David Frum explaining Europe needs to deport the Muslims because even if they’re law-abiding, their children won’t be. MRAs blame Europeans for being too womanly. And some conservatives explain terrorists are just like Black Lives Matter.

•Scott Lemieux reminds us what happened the last time a major terror attack changed everything. American Prospect speculates on what the effects could be. But some Republicans still think Obama is a failure for not invading again.

•Echidne gives some first thoughts, and why we shouldn’t be making snap judgments. Case in point, despite all the freaking out about refugees, the attackers identified so far are French and Belgian nationals.

•Ted Cruz suggests we keep out Muslim refugees but let in the Christian ones.

•Tom Tomorrow sums things up.

•Some good news on the dishonest business front: A Papa Johns franchisee who paid his employees less than the law allows and falsified documents to cover it up gets a jail sentence. A for-profit college has agreed to pay a $95 million penalty to settle a lawsuit over recruiting tactics.

•When there are more applicants for H1—B visas (skilled employees) than there are visas, the government holds a lottery. Big corporations rig the game legally by filing so many applications they’re guaranteed to win the lion’s share.

•LGM looks at what the Trans-Pacific Partnership would do to labor rights. Nothing good.

•When Michigan prosecutors wanted to make a pot bust, they pressured police labs to fudge their chemical analysis.

•The candidate in one Maine mayoral election is a lay Episcopal preacher. But according to the Republican opposition he’s an anti-Christian radical.

•Ways the phone companies can block robocalls.

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