Wednesday’s links are full of woe

Under federal law, the state Medi-Cal program pays for some low-income seniors to afford nursing homes. A lawsuit chargs that when Medi-Cal residents get hospitalized, the state sometimes refuses to let them go home, warehousing them in the hospital instead (where I gather the money comes from a different source)

•Echidne looks at the thinking and ethical codes underlying the recent stoning to death of an Afghani woman for adultery.

•International banking rules set tougher financing requirements to keep banks from getting too big to fail.

•It’s hard to deny that the current Republican campaign is producing exceptionally high levels of bullshit. But some mainstream reporters insist that despite the facts, Repubs are no worse than Dems. I think this is less like David Brooks insisting all candidates’ budget plans are bad so vote Marco Rubio than the desire not to pick sides, like Ezra Klein in 2012 saying he didn’t want to point out Paul Ryan’s budget was bullshit without finding something positive to say aboutit.

•Victor David Hansen grumbles that living in cities is rotting humanity from within because the nanny state takes care of all your needs. It’s not like the country where he has to struggle to survive, worry if the well is running dry, and pack heat for safety—that’s the way to live! In short, another version of the delusion that death and destruction are character-building. Ditto economic collapse. Having reliable water and sewage? Police watching over you? Wimps!

•Ben Carson as an example of anti-knowledge—not just being wrong but willfully rejecting the facts in favor of the reality you’d prefer. Related posts here and here.

•Rick Perlstein looks at Donald Trump’s appeal and whether it’s fascist.

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