Conservatives freaking out …

First, over the Sons of the Serpent, Marvel’s white-supremacist, anti-immigrant super-villains actually being shown as anti-immigrant, because that’s obviously an attack on conservatives. I’m sure right-wingers would have said the same thing about the original Sons (some panels at the link) if they’d paid attention to comics back in the Silver Age. Seriously, think about Donald Trump declaring Mexicans are disease-ridden vermin and criminals—that’s stock language for fictional white bigots. It’s just that the real ones are a little more upfront about thinking the same (and of course, Trump doesn’t seem to worry about the disease-bearing criminality of white illegal immigrants).

•Some conservatives are also very, very disturbed that the cast of the new Star Wars film includes too many people who aren’t white Americans.

•Gun supporters are likewise very disturbed about cocks not Glocks.

•Other Republicans are dismayed Donald Trump actually said George W. Bush didn’t keep us safe from terrorists. And Sean Hannity is freaking out over Bill Clinton failing to kill bin Laden back in the day—except when Clinton tried back in the late 1990s, Hannity accused him of just pulling a PR stunt.

•Speaking of Trump, he’s apparently very upset that Playboy is no longer showing nudes. Slacktivist speculates this fondness for nudity will not hurt him with conservative voters.

•And here’s a conservative freaking out that people actually wish we had a manufacturing economy offering good jobs to workers with less education. This includes a mix of bizarre rebuttals to points no-one is making—”isn’t it a bit archaic to act like assembling a car is more honorable or useful than being a teacher, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, or an engineer; working in finance; or making a living in the service industry?” and ignoring the points they do make, that manufacturing jobs paid a lot better than the service industry does now (and as someone noted in the comments, conservatives don’t give any honor to career teachers).

There’s also a point in the rant that I’ve heard from conservatives before: sure, toiling in manufacturing might bring you a steady paycheck and a pension, but it was “less dynamic” economically speaking so we’re much better off today. Not that I want to live in the 1950s, but I’d love it if our economy was that healthy for everyone, not just the 1 percent “dynamically” screwing over the rest of us.

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