I think I anticipated this (#SFWApro)

As a result of dogs taking up time during my work week, I began earlier this year putting in work on Sunday. I didn’t want to—having worked shift jobs where I rarely got all and sometimes none of my weekend, I’m irrationally attached to getting the traditional two days off a week—but it’s a lot easier to squeeze in a couple of hours than do it in the evening. I’m tired from the work day, plus TYG is home and we’re talking, and she’s cooing over the dogs (I coo less simply because I’ve seen them all day).

Lately, because we’re having the various contractors showing up, I’ve been doing a little extra work on Sunday to balance out that time as well. For much of the year, it’s been easy—I watched movies for the time-travel book—but I’m almost out of those now (lot of TV to come yet). And as TYG’s sometimes watching TV and I like to be hanging with her on the weekend, that often means I skip the movie watching and try something else (query drafting, columns, fiction, etc.).

It’s surprisingly difficult.

During the week, I work solid days. I expect to, with the exception of contractors, dog needs and such inevitable distractions. I structure my days accordingly. When I’m only putting in three to four hours, it winds up fitting itself around everything else going on. And what I’ve done so far is start on whatever I have scheduled Monday morning—writing queries, researching ideas, looking for markets, etc.—which is relatively low-intensity work and broken into multiple smaller bits. So it’s easy to get distracted.

My schedule gets crazy next week, but after that I’ll try doing something more substantial on Sunday and see if that makes it easier to focus.

And now your reward for sitting through that is a photo of a couple of Boston buildings (from last year’s Mensa gathering) in shadow.

dark tower

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