Sometimes, as they say, life has other plans (#SFWApro)

trixie cuteVarious unplanned disruptions to my writing routine this week:

•Extra walkies to compensate for TYG’s schedule.

•Running a sample of Plushie’s pee to the vet because at their annual checkup, he refused to donate.

•Running to Petco for an antibiotic spray for Plush Dog’s back-leg bruise/bite/cut.

•Attending to the locksmith when he showed up this afternoon. After two different keys bent in the front door lock, I was pretty sure the problem was the lock, not that I’d suddenly begun manhandling keys. And I was correct.

•Dealing with the sheetrock guy (a very small job, but necessary). More dealing with him tomorrow.

•Plushie being uber-needy. I think now that he’s on a diet (we’ve been feeding them way too much) he no longer has the complacency of a full belly and so he’s more awake to demand attention.

This kind of thing can shred my focus into oblivion, especially as it’s not all in one clump but slices and dices my time.

Fortunately the cuteness of the puppies justifies the work involved in taking care of them, as you can see above.


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2 responses to “Sometimes, as they say, life has other plans (#SFWApro)

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