TV, both time travel and not (#SFWApro)

First the Not: The second season of Witches of East End wrapped up on a cliffhanger including pregnancy, death, witch hunters, body-swapping and Wendy (Madchen Amick) waking up in hell, literally. That’s annoying given the show won’t be coming back, but it was a fun ride until then as the Beaumont witches cope with new refugees from their homeland, good-hearted Dash reveals a Dark Side and Freya finally figures who she really loves. I find myself wondering why Charmed succeeded when this and Witches of Eastwick (the TV series version) didn’t, but the TV landscape has changed so much, I’m not sure there are lessons to draw. “I flunked high school English because of Edgar Allen Poe and you’re telling me I was in love with him?”

TRU CALLING also only lasted two seasons (I thought I’d reviewed Season One already—I guess as Two was only six episodes I held off, because I can’t find a post). Eliza Dushku plays Tru Davies whose calling, like Sam Beckett, is to put right what once went wrong: corpses ask her for help and the day rewinds, giving her 24 hours to prevent their death. This was well done, and took an interesting swerve second half of the first season, when they introduce Jason Priestley as Jack, a player on the other side whose mission is to make sure people die as they’re destined to. The second season has both adversaries adapting to this new status quo and developing allies; while it ends unfinished, it isn’t a cliffhanger, so there’s that.

DOCTOR WHO: Spearhead from Space was the first story of the Jon Pertwee era. Very reminiscent of British space-invasion stories of the time (Island of the Burning Doomed, The Terrornauts), it has UNIT investigating a series of strange meteorites as a possible alien invasion when the Doctor—unable to use his TARDIS and stuck with a new face—shows up on Earth as part of his new life as a Time Lord exile. As Companion, he gets Liz Shaw (Caroline Johns), a brilliant scientist (despite her doctorate, she goes by “Miss Smith” throughout).Interesting to see immediately after The War Games and good in its own right. “They altered the dematerialization codes.”


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