My moment of zen—er, terror (#SFWApro)

I do almost all my work (except final drafts) on Scrivener. As someone whose every project creates scores of files (old drafts, analysis, more analysis, research, reference material) I find it much easier to keep everything in one Scrivener binder than scattered into multiple Word docs in a single folder.

Thus I was understandably (I think) panicked when I updated Scrivener today (the standard Update Available, Click! stuff) and it went inert. Oh, it did ask me if I wanted to update the file I was working with to the new format, but it didn’t open it. Or any other file. Nor would it do anything else, not even quit (I had to force quit it).

I downloaded a replacement on the off-chance it was corrupted, but nope, same result. Fortunately I still had old Scrivener, so I reverted back to that. The only thing I lost was the work I’d done earlier today on my “planning” file which is where I think about time management, goals and stuff. And the work was minor.

It was a stressful 30 minutes. I still like Old Scrivener though. But this proves once again the importance of backing up, and backing up regularly. The thought of losing my time-travel manuscript at this point—AAAIEEEEE!

That aside, I managed to pull off a full 40 hours of writing despite having my semi-annual checkup Wednesday (I’m good, thanks for asking) and having to get a pee sample from Trixie and take it to the vet Tuesday, so we could confirm the antibiotic had cleared up her UTI (yes, thanks again). And then today I called our regular plumber—we have some minor problems we want to fix before they become major—and to my surprise, they were in the neighborhood and able to come out at once. So that used up another chunk of time I hadn’t planned on. Next week may be worse, as I have a dental checkup, the plumbers coming and another contractor coming.


•Submitted my new And column, on how and why sexism stubbornly endures.

•I submitted a query to the op-ed page of the Guardian, which is a more high-profile market. Haven’t heard back yet.

•Submitted Fiddler’s Black to a new market.

•Got three queries and two potential business-writing markets I will contact next week. I’m definitely getting into a rhythm for querying now; the most important thing is to send it out and not dither on whether it’s perfect or the idea is exactly right for the magazine. Get it out, then on to the next.

•I did some replotting of Southern Discomfort but not much wordage. Just couldn’t seem to focus.

IMG_0526I got outdoors to bicycle on Thursday, while the pups were in doggy day care, and as you can see caught some geese on the water. Regrettably didn’t catch them when they took flight en masse a moment later.

And tomorrow, I relax. To make up for Sunday when I will probably do extra work to make up for all the time lost to contractors and dentists the next few days.

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