Mid-Season Hiatus

It’s that time of year when shows either take a break or end their season (those crazy cable seasons). So looking back on some of the shows I reviewed a few months back—
Agents of SHIELD has had a couple of very good episodes, such as the follow-up to Thor 2 where a couple of terrorists get hold of leftover Asgard technology. That’s the kind of spy mission regular TV series just can’t top. Unfortunately, most of the episodes are still interchangeable with any other show; FZZT, for example, has contagion from an alien artifact infect the team, but they could have kept the show almost identical if they’d changed it to Ebola. For a show set in the MU, even the movie MU, I expect better. And the question of how Agent Coulson came back to life isn’t really interesting enough to keep using it as a running thread—he’s almost certainly an android/LMD, big whoop.
This could improve a lot if they’d throw in some low-level comics adversaries: The Fixer, Living Laser, the Druid (not a real druid, just a phony using advanced chemistry to substitute for mysticism), the Adaptoid, etc. Though the last episode before break was a little livelier, so we’ll see how the second half of the season goes.
The Tomorrow People, on the other hand, has turned out much better than the X-knockoff it seemed to start as. Admittedly it’s not going anywhere the X-Men haven’t, but the personal relationships are interesting and the plots have been enjoyable. So I’m in for the rest of the run.
•Lifetime’s Witches of East End wrapped up its first season and returns for a second in 2014. It turns out that the immortal Beaumont witches (variously preserved by straight immortality, a cat’s nine lives and reincarnation) had an old foe from their past life to deal with, lots of personal drama (of course) and the slight problem they’re refugees from Asgard (I’ve no idea if it’s the Asgard or just a convenient name) and a lot of people back home want them dead. A very good job, though as with most witch-related shows, it blithely ignores the existence of Wicca (so there’s only one kind of witch, and that’s the made-up kind in the show). I’ve tried to check out the YA novel it’s based on, but unsurprisingly it’s constantly checked out.
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland—left me cold after about four episodes. They’re much more interested in the Aladdin elements (Jaffar is the big villain) than in Wonderland; they drop a few Wonderland names, but there’s no sense of Carroll’s bizarre sense of whimsy and skewed logic. Of course, Disney’s Alice cartoon missed all of that too …


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