Not quite how I planned the weekend’s blogging, but in a good way (#SFWApro)

So last Thursday, TYG and I headed off for the third time to Dragoncon. My plan had been to write a few posts in advance and put them up over the weekend using my phone’s WordPress ap (as I don’t have to worry about Demand Media rewrites, I didn’t need to bring my laptop).

But between TYG’s rush to get her work out of the way, and my rush, and the pups, time and energy faded (it didn’t help that I booked a grooming appointment for the dogs at the wrong salon, so that was a wasted hour on Wednesday). And I didn’t have the urge to use the app to post a Hey, I’m at Dragoncon! note once I was there because I was either busy having fun or being tired.

mccoyThe first panel I attended was Doctor Who‘s Sylvester McCoy’s Q&A (left). I later made ones with Terry Farrell and some of the supporting cast of Flash. The time-travel related ones didn’t have any particular insights I can use for my book, but it was worth trying (and they were fun panels); Terry Farrell was just because I crush on her (she’s very fun on stage).

I also attended writing-centric panels on writing minorities and women in historic settings, and writing alternate history/steampunk/dieselpunk in general. There was quite a bit of discussion of what makes a good alternate history concept:

•Is it plausible? Not likely, Eric Flint says—just that it could happen. Likely is typically the history we got.

•Is it cool?

•Does it interest you?

•Is there enough substance for a story?

There were also repeated recommendations we read lots of stuff about the period we want to write in, and a variety of stuff. Histories of the period, contemporary memoirs and accounts from the period, fiction from the period, movies and photos.

nichols2TYG paid for a photo with Nichelle Nichols (left) which was awesome. It’s been so long and so many Trek series back, I didn’t realize how much classic Trek still meant to me (for around two decades there was, after all, nothing like it on TV) until I felt myself tearing up while waiting in line.

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