More Dragoncon stuff (#SFWApro)

This was the third time we’ve been to Dragoncon and I think it’s getting more fun each time. Not so much we couldn’t skip it, but we’re definitely getting into the swing of it.

farrell5In addition to the panels, there are friends in Atlanta and up from Florida we get to see and hang with. Plus seeing various famous people in the Walk of the Fame. I babbled to Nichelle Nichols and Terry Farrell (l.) and told Keir Dullea (of 2001 and The Next One) how much I liked his work.

It’s hot, and there’s a lot of walking involved. Definitely finding rooms close to ground zero is worth the effort (though it can be difficult). And it’s important to get in line early for things, particularly anyone really big-name, because they can fill up fast. Plus it can be really difficult to get through the crowds. Fortunately there are always alternative events—I often have to chose between two or three I really like.

The cosplay is awesome (see below). I spent a lot of time just people watching.

TYG and I also spent quite a bit of time lounging in our room, which was nice. Having nothing to do, and being able to snuggle without the dogs in the middle—priceless. Though I’m looking forward to picking them up from the vet tomorrow (it’s closed today, so we can’t collect them yet).

Now, cosplay:

Waldo America!

cap waldo



Captain Hook!

she hook

And Disney’s new power couple, Logan and Snow White!

logan snow whiteI saw a lot of Agent Carters this year, and a number of Winter Soldiers and Maleficents. Otherwise no particular changes from last year that jumped out at me.


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