Not much to say about this week’s work (#SFWApro)

Partly that’s because I had Monday off to return from the gathering, followed by taking very light duty Tuesday, just so I could shower the dogs with extra attention.

But on top of that Demand Media,for whom I do most of my paying work, is taking another temporary break once the current crop of titles run out. So I’m focusing on work for them for the moment, in order to squeeze out as much paying stuff as possible before the pause. As a result, I didn’t get much else done. I know this is the smart move, but it’s not terribly exciting to talk about articles on Georgia child support or Florida bankruptcy law.

This state of affairs will probably continue through next week.

lego hummerSo as not to make this a completely dull post, witness the Lego hummingbird TYG and I saw at the Louisville Zoo during our trip.


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