Fortunately there was no reciting long speeches from Atlas Shrugged (#SFWApro)

So for the past week, as we do every year, TYG and I headed to the national Mensa gathering, this time in Louisville KY. At the Galt Hotel, hence my title reference.

galtviewThe Galt has two wings linked by a skywalk (Louisville is very fond of skywalks, it seems). This made it a little confusing navigating (I had the same experience at our 2008 Denver AG—two towers even more confusingly linked), but they did an outstanding job of hosting. This was without question the best hospitality suite I’ve been in — lots of food, and unlike some hotels, it didn’t automatically disappear (except for light snacks) once the meals were over. This made up for the lack of vegetarian entrees, as TYG and I could always go for cheese, hummus or yogurt (though that said, I consider veggie alternatives sufficiently normal these days that not having one for several meals is a definite weak point). And the hotel’s own breakfast bar was substantial and reasonably priced (I’ve been to places that were the opposite).

This probably contributed to the AG being one of the most social I can recall. It was easy to hang out in hospitality, so everyone did (the skywalk bar made a good backup). Plus the occasional group dinner outside. The first day of the gathering (Wednesday, though we arrived two days before) I got to hospitality a little before noon, then left around 6 p.m. That’s impressive. I did get a little exhausted being sociable as the week progressed, so I wound up happy to let other people talk and just answer questions (I’ve noticed people very rarely actually decide “Well that’s enough about me, tell me about yourself.”). At various points I talked to a film editor, a knife-grinder, an astrophysicist, a political fund-raiser, a potter and a guy who has a secondary job running Cards Against Humanity games.

birds2One cute feature at the Galt was that the skybridge includes a little exhibit for quail, canaries and finches. Quail shown to my left. All of them currently building nests.

TYG and I did feel slightly guilty leaving the pups for a week, but they don’t seem to be holding it against us. And I’m making fussing over them the primary priority for tomorrow.

There will be a couple more posts about the trip this week, I expect.



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