End of June political links

Digby looks at right-wing extremism and finds (this is not news) that it’s a lot more lethal than the Islamic kind. Here she looks at some of the attacks that have fallen under the radar.

•A woman argues that yes, princess stories are feminist.

•Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife is a conservative activist. Does that give him a conflict of interest in some cases?

•The FCC chair says he doesn’t want the agency micro-managing broadband, just regulating it.

•Donald Trump says Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists. But he adds it’s outrageous to imply there’s any racism in that remark.

•Even if housing discrimination isn’t intentional, people can sue over programs that have a discriminatory effect.

•After the violence of the 1960s and ’70s I was always amazed that years later pundits would pontificate about “What if terrorism ever comes to America?” Here’s an example of the terrorism that was already here.

•Some businesses have claimed that even filling out a “no our insurance does not cover birth control” form violates their faith as it will pave the way for employees to eventually get birth control. An appellate judge says baloney. He makes good sense, though if this hits the Supremes, I’m not betting on them agreeing. Speaking of which, Scott Lemieux of LGM argues that one of the primary reasons gay rights are doing better than reproductive rights is that Justice Arthur Kennedy supports one and not the other. Much good discussion at the link.

•Someone keeps pooping on the warehouse floor. The warehouse owner demands DNA samples to try and identify the source of the fecal matter. A court rules that violates laws on gathering and using genetic information.

•”I have no respect for your ancestors. As far as your ancestors are concerned, I shouldn’t be a law professor at Georgetown. I should be a slave. That’s why they fought that war. I don’t understand what it means to be proud of a legacy of terrorism and violence.”—Paul Butler, Georgetown Law.

•”What should a man do if he is regularly denied sex by his wife? Should he masturbate, visit brothels or should be commit adultery?”—Men’s rights blogger Amartya Talukdar on why it’s wrong to criminalize marital rape (as noted at the link yes, masturbating is actually a better solution than rape). The same writer is also a Holocaust denier.

•In a general rant about people who criticize the police, the head of the Kentucky police union explains it’s the critics who cause problems like Ferguson and they must pay!

•App-based companies such as Uber fight against having their contractors listed as employees. The app-based Instacart shopping services has officially declared its shoppers are company employees.

•Verizon once promised a city-wide FIOS network in New York by 2014. A city audit found it failed massively. Verizon disagrees.

•A VR designer compares his new system to IMAX in an interview. IMAX demands the website take down the interview.

•I’m quite cool with Rush Limbaugh losing audience. At this point, however, there are enough people following in his wake I’m not sure it will affect the political landscape at all.

•A medical-bill collector that allegedly violated federal law in its methods will have to cough up $5.4 million to consumers.

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