First a couple of political notes

Two Supreme Court landmarks this week: the Affordable Care Act upheld and gay marriage declared legal everywhere.

That makes for a wonderful week for the millions of people who have insurance through the ACA, and for the millions of gay couples who want to marry. Not a perfect week. Thanks to various governors refusing to participate in ACA, there are millions of people who can’t benefit as much as they should. And I’m sure there will be all kinds of obstacles thrown in the face of gay couples  (as I’ve discussed here and here), not to mention there are countless other forms of discrimination.

Nevertheless, it’s an epic week.  Of the two I’m slightly more surprised by the ACA decision, let alone that it was 6-3 (the LGM blog called the gay marriage vote accurately). I’m really astonished at Clarence Thomas’ gay marriage dissent, in which he argues that not only does banning gay marriage not deny the inherent dignity of gays, slavery doesn’t take away the dignity of blacks. It’s a real headscratcher.

And Roy Edroso catches some conservatives freaking out over the ACA decision and gay marriage (“Our nation has become like a dead boy floating down a stream.”).

But much as I enjoy watching the freak out, it’s not about them, or me. It’s about all the people who are better off. So yay!

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