And now, my personal week in review (#SFWApro)

This may be a long summer.

Not that I dislike summer, but the heat is once again reducing my ability to sleep, even with our AC going. Possibly that will improve next month—we’ve been in a heat wave that’s supposed to break. I guess when global warming kicks in, I’ll have to mainline Ambien.

That aside, this was a good, productive week for the most part. I got my quota of movies viewed, my Demand media writing done and kept trying to find a way to make “The Stage is a World” work.

I put in 40 hours despite TYG and me having errands that overlapped Wednesday. Which, as we only have one car, required me dropping her off, then hitting my errand (my dental checkup. Doing much better!), which used up more of the morning than dental trips usually do. Still, having only one car works out well for us most of the time, so I can’t complaint too much.

Today was kind of a mess. I woke up late (catching up on sleep) and by afternoon my brain just wasn’t cooperating. I’d thought I might try another draft of “Stage” but my mind went blank so I started reading The Matarese Circle by Robert Ludlum instead. No, this wasn’t actually goofing off: Ludlum does a lot of things in the novel my writing group always complains about when I do them (not establishing who the protagonist is, multiple POV) so I’m hoping reading it will give me some insight (more than reading Leiber this week gave me). Still, I’d normally save it for my off-hours—it’s too easy to let “It’s research!” suck up gobs of time—but it was the best I could do.

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