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New York resident Kalief Browder was accused of a minor theft and spent three years in Rikers without the case coming to trial. A look at the Brooklyn Courts where the right to a speedy trial doesn’t exist.

•Another lone wolf terrorist who isn’t a Muslim.

•Despite the governor’s veto, the state assembly has given magistrates the right to refuse to marry anyone if they have a religious objection. My previous take on this issue here.

•Human Rights Watch reports that Khmer Rouge killers have largely escaped punishment.

•Iowa says being drunk on your front steps is not public drunkenness, so it’s legal.

•A conservative writer is shocked that the proposed new AP History standards assert that, for example, natives struggled to maintain their independence against European colonial forces. Because that’s just leftist groupthink babble or something.

•An appeals court has decided against blocking net neutrality while the suits against it are in play.

•Nobel prize-winner Sir Tim Hunt mansplains women don’t belong in the lab because they cry too much and keep falling in love with the guys. Echidne discusses.

•I’ve mentioned before that liking a movie or book doesn’t mean you want to live like that. Try telling that to Kyle Smith, who insists men love Goodfellas because the characters live the perfect male fantasy. And that women hate it because they know women are irrelevant to the fantasy life except as eye candy, which is the way men want them. And if women had made Goodfellas it would be a disaster because it’d have to be all sensitive and you couldn’t have guys insulting each other or belittling their buddies.

This is a fairly familiar type of What Men Are Like argument. The writer invariably assumes all men are like him, therefore what he likes and dreams of is what all men desire. Except it’s not true that all men are like that (my two best friends are women—not even counting TYG—and I don’t see any appeal in an all-male space). And as for women being so supposedly super-sensitive—as the writer Natalie Angier says, were the people who believe that ever in high school?

•The Justice Department apparently polices the comments section on Reason magazine.

•Libertarians have talked for years of shipping enough true believers into a small state to take over the government. Apparently some men’s rights activists have a similar idea.

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