Putting in a full day is way tiring, so links!

The Chechen president declares that if women were locked up and kept off social media, they’d be easier to control. Oh, and he supports his police chief threatening to take his new bride (chief is 50, bride is 17) by force if she and her family objected.

•You may have heard about Josh Duggar molesting younger girls, including his sisters, when he was in his teens. The parents talk a lot about how God has helped them in their struggles … not so much about their daughters’ struggles.

•Abercrombie and Fitch turned down a job applicant because she wore a headscarf in an interview (they assumed she was Muslim, would insist on wearing a hijab and they have a no caps policy). The Supreme Court says they were wrong.

•TSA agents absolutely suck at stopping people from bringing illicit stuff on flights.

•Here’s a lovely theory from a few months ago: if we legalize rape on private property, women will stop doing things that make them vulnerable (going into private places with bad people, getting drunk—you know, all the stuff that supposedly makes them deserve it) and so there will be less rape. Prosecuting rape just makes women into children by shielding them from the consequences of their actions! Unsurprisingly, the advocate does not mention legalizing man-on-man rape. And here we have an antifeminist who claims that since the guy says he wants to prevent rape, his heart is clearly in the right place.

•AT&T argues that data throttling (slowing down the Internet speeds for people who use a lot of data) is legal no matter what the FTC says. The company would also like to exempt services that cut deals with it (or are business affiliates) from data caps.

•Freshman North Carolina Senator Jeff Jackson has proposed bills on sex crimes that would, among other things, include kids younger than 13 in the definition of statutory rape. Unfortunately the provisions are now attached to a Republican bill that would extend the mandatory waiting period for abortion to 72 hours. Meanwhile in Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker mansplains that as people loving sharing ultrasounds of their babies, a mandatory ultrasound can’t possibly be bad.

•The company that handled Atlantic City’s loan program for struggling homeowners and businesses did a dreadful job. Privatization, as I’ve mentioned before, is much overrated.

Harassment of a female journalist.

•The federal government is considering new rules restricting access to federal aid to for-profit colleges whose graduates can’t get jobs. A lawsuit to block the change failed.

•Bernie Sanders makes a good point: people say raising the minimum wage will slow growth, but when the benefits of a growing economy are so tilted to the 1 percent, what difference does it make?

•I’ve read multiple liberal evangelicals or former evangelicals who say the only sexual standard is married/unmarried. Nothing about consent. By which logic, Josh Duggar molesting teenage girls isn’t any worse than premarital sex.

•The Voice for Men men’s-right group says it stands up for men on issues of health, reproductive rights, genital mutilation and more. Only the founder says it’s not fighting for any of those things.

•As Arizona slashes college funding, the U of Ark. finds a solution: catering to rich out-of-state kids who’ll pay bigger bucks.

•James Fallows, who called a lot of the problems of the Iraq war before they happened, now says the question to ask is not what supporters think of the war in hindsight, but what did you think at the time? Why did you get it wrong? And how does looking back at Iraq affect your view on future wars?

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