Stoning women to death and other political links

A men’s rights rant argues that if feminists oppose a death penalty for female adulterers “see women as lifelong children: too weak, frail, stupid and mercurial to be trusted with adult responsibility when it comes to adhering to the strict requirements” of a proper marriage and unable to undertake “adult responsibilities.”

Quite aside from the implicit assumption that stoning to death is an appropriate penalty for women who cheat (yet not for men who cheat, because—the post is quite explicit—it’s more important to keep women faithful), the writer is completely wrong. Much of the Victorian concept of men and women having separate spheres was because women simply weren’t adults the way men were: they could handle domestic chores but nothing so coarse as politics or business. And a truly feminine woman never discussed that, she just gave light, fluffy babble to amuse the man.

Oh, the blogger does assert that we need more equal marriage, but to get that we have to restore economic inequality: if the man has all the money, then women will have to work harder to be sexy and keep the balance of power, so it’s a world of win for everybody!

•Corporations sponsoring the World Cup in Qatar (2022) are very, very concerned about human-rights violations and the treatment of workers building the stadiums … but not enough to do anything.

•According to GM, when you buy your car, you’re not really buying the software it runs on, which makes it very hard to deal with the hardware.

•Delta allegedly keeps small travel sites from tapping its data. Funny, corporations feel the perfect right to use our data when they want to …

•The website bans one member without saying why. But they reserve the right to tell other people.

•Local boys: A professor from Duke explains that Asian Americans are totally cool about acting white like a minority should, unlike those black people who refuse to assimilate and go around shooting each other all the time. And when he got criticized, OMG, thought police! Good discussion here.

•And more thought police—someone dared criticize a conservative!

•Subsidies to bring jobs to states or communities don’t work that well.

•Abortion bans around the Americas.

•The GOP’s core is dying off. But the party is still big on war.So is David Brooks who admits the Iraq War was mishandled but still wants intervention.

•Speaking of Iraq, a National Review writer explains it was all for the best—it got W a second term, so all the dead are a win-win!

Bryan Caplan, the libertarian who thinks women had more freedom in the 19th century than the 21st, also thinks the Shah of Iran was “strong on civil liberties.” Incorrect.

•Opening up the Arctic to oil drilling is a bad policy decision

•Some people like to tweet and drive. Or watch video and drive. What could go wrong? Which makes this post (and discussion in comments) quite pertinent.

•A painter in Iraq is facing prison for criticizing the regime.

•A congressman declines to explain why he pushed his wife and mistress to get abortions, but still supports an abortion ban.

•The FBI illegally spied on protestors fighting (peacefully) the Keystone pipeline. Sounds familiar.

•Once again Republicans show their devotion to state’s rights.

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