Fun reasons to change my schedule (#SFWApro)

So last night a friend of ours came to town (she’s Georgia-based) with some free time so we hit Sage, an excellent vegetarian restaurant here in Durham. By the time we finished eating, talking and coming home to show off the puppies, it was bedtime.

This wasn’t a stellar week but it was an uptick from last week. I got some work in on rewriting the book, some Demand Media articles and I watched a full slate of movies. Probably the highest accomplishment was during one of the dogs’ bouts of canine parkour. They were racing around the house, then suddenly I see Plushie flying through the air in front of my computer screen, with all 16 pounds about to land on my laptop. Somehow, I managed to lift and steer him over the keyboard without either dropping the computer or throwing Plushie onto his back.

I’m honestly not sure it’s any easier with the dogs sitting around out. There’s less whining and barking than when one of them is penned up, but I do have to keep more of an eye on them when they’re not sleeping, and occasionally intervene when they’re grappling. But it’s definitely better for them, so it’s a done deal.

And that’s pretty much it. Book reviews to follow, time-travel reviews tomorrow.

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