Rape, maternity care, prayer breakfasts and other political links

The arc of the universe sometimes does tend toward justice, as in this story of a black woman in the 1950s who sued a racist pastor (he informed her he didn’t want blacks on “his” sidewalk) and won.

•A writer at Glen Beck’s website argues that the pill is bad for women because it violates their fundamental nature and allows men to have free sex (an old Undead Sexist Cliche). More surprisingly, Rick Santorum says if government provided birth control free, then no business wold be forced to over it by insurance. Easy to say when you’re not in a position of authority, of course, but still noteworthy.

•Some conservatives also hate the fact that insurance has to provide maternity coverage under the Affordable Care Act. As Echidne points out, one of the reasons is that non-employer based insurance (i.e., individual policies) are much less likely to offer maternity coverage. One of the arguments against mandatory coverage is that “having children is a choice” which is an odd argument since the same wing of the Republicans seems determined to give women as little choice as possible in the matter, other than saying virgin (or, as someone once joked, going down on your partner, the original oral contraceptive). Still more here.

•Obama exposes his Muslim, Christian-hating heart by mentioning the inquisition and the Crusades at the National Prayer Breakfast. Me, I say good for Obama (and once again, I suspect he’s thinking he has nothing to lose for the next two years). Hullabaloo adds some discussion. Alternet notes that burning people alive is hardly something ISIS came up with. Digby adds more, including some links.

•It shows the arbitrariness of our government’s supposed determination to fight tyranny everywhere that while Washington worries about ISIS, it’s not moving to help Zimbabwe or investigate Saudis.

•An interview with a men’s rights activist.

•Digby points out that even extremists are voters with the right to support the candidate of their choice against an incumbent. Which is something elected officials really resent. One politician fighting for a gerrymandered district said that he’d been promised he would never have to face a serious challenge from the other party ever again; Sen. Joe Lieberman’s attorney once described an attempt to unseat the senator in the primaries as akin to terrorism. Speaking of which, an Oklahoma politician wants to ban district attorneys from prosecuting elected officials.

•A look at what happens as the 1 percent become visitors at Burning Man.

•Some Republicans still think that rape is a beautiful way for God to give women a baby.

•A politician proposed adding a Latin motto to Vermont’s English motto. OMG, some people are outraged … because they thought Latin meant Latino. Why don’t they learn to speak English? Don’t Latinos realize that when in Rome, you do as the Romans do (yes, this was an actual comment).

•Red Bull argues that a drink called Old Ox is infringing on its trademark because oxen and bulls are too much alike.

•The bad news about digitally wired cars? No protection against hackers.

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