So, schedules (#SFWApro)

So today and yesterday I was thinking about my schedule for when the New Year launches and I resume writing Demand Media stuff. And still have to deal with the puppies.

Assume I start my work day at 7 am and end at 5 pm. As a rule of thumb, Trixie and Plush One take about ninety minutes out of that time. Plus one hour for lunch. So that leaves me with 37.5 hours.

That’s enough time to get my Demand Media articles done (fewer than say, a couple of years back, but enough to cover my share of the bills), see my quota of movies for the time-travel book, and still have seven to eight hours for other stuff. Probably about three to four hours will go to marketing (queries, sending out stories, etc.) and the rest to fiction.

Which ain’t much. Two years ago I was hitting around 10-12 hours a week. But as I’ve said before, the book, the dogs and the paying gigs have to come first. And if I don’t market stuff, writing it won’t do any good. And it’s much more than I’ve been doing the past few months, so it’s a step up.

Possible flaws in the plan:

•No wiggle room for extra paying work, should I land any.

•It doesn’t cover time for my And columns, though I think I can work them in. I plan to do relatively light work on the day after my bi-weekly writer’s group (I’m out late, I don’t focus well in the morning) and political writing would suit that day fine. As one possibility.

•The dogs may, of course, not cooperate. Once Plush Dog gets completely off crate rest we’re going to start training him to use ramps. I will probably have to spend some time watching over him to see if he really does use them.

Plus of course, life throwing odds and ends in the way.

So it looks doable, but who knows? Guess I’ll find out in a couple of weeks though.

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