Political links for Sunday

Hmm, could it be one reason there was no indictment for Darren Wilson, the cop who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson is that prosecutor Robert McCulloch, who convened the grand jury, knowingly presented lying witnesses?

•Nebraska and Oklahoma are suing to get Colorado’s legalization of marijuana revoked.

•McDonalds, the National Labor Relations Board says, unfairly penalized workers who protested over company wages.

•Apple is shocked, shocked and appalled at a BBC documentary criticizing the company’s third-world labor practices.

•Buzzfeed looks at 21 stand-out Muslims.

•You’ve doubtless heard that Obama has opened diplomatic relations with Cuba. Unsurprisingly, we have conservatives insisting that if he’d only continue keeping Cuba isolated as we’ve done for the past 40 years, then we’d have them on the ropes. Because that’s been so totally effective so far. As several people have pointed out, any pious claims about how we can’t stomach Cuba’s human-rights views need to include explanations why we’re not isolating Saudi Arabia and China as well.

•Slackvist points out the Cleveland PD’s concept of justice.

•Politically paranoid minds (or are they just liars) at work. And more here.

•Science says abortion doesn’t cause breast cancer. Two religious conservatives at Liberty Counsel rightwingsplain that it must cause cancer.

•A lot of American prisoners in the war on terror have been anally raped.

Another white, right-wing alleged terrorist. And another.

•A company that doesn’t actually podcast is still claiming it invented and patented podcasting—and so anyone who does it, has to pay them. Consumerist explains the current law on software patents.

•Dick Cheney claims torture was productive. Dick Cheney lies through his teeth. But plenty of right-wingers will support him, and support torture. For example, Jonathan Tobin argues that Cheney’s continued defense of torture and his pretense it worked is a sign of steely resolve—he won’t play the PC-game of pretending there are moral issues or hand-wringing, no, he’s a Real Man!

•We also have the argument torture and war supporters have been pushing since 9/11: Questioning whether war and torture are necessary divides us! And a divided America emboldens our enemies! The same argument was made against civil rights in the 1950s: We must unite against Communism, not turn on each other! Curiously enough, this argument never applied to lynching, or the things Jim Crow did to black America, just as right-wing screams that all liberals were traitors who wanted al Qaeda to win never constituted “divisiveness.”

•Wisconsin jails a pregnant woman because, officials say her drug use might harm her baby. Only they don’t provide drug treatment, and they don’t provide prenatal care. More of the same in Tennessee.

•Sprint faces a federal lawsuit for bill-cramming, allowing ring-tone services and the like to bill customers for things the customer never requested (Sprint got a percentage of the take).

•Digby argues that Sony pulling The Interview from theaters is capitalism in action: Sony decided what was the best thing for its bottom line, and acted accordingly.

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