Assorted linkage

Hal Lindsay predicted the imminent apocalypse back in the 1970s. But he’s still around 40 years later to see it not happen.

•A look at the scope of influence and money in Washington.

•A lot of people still rely on landlines, so what happens when they’re gone? As a former Floridian, I think the point about phone service after a disaster is very pertinent.

•Obama’s decision to halt deportation of several million illegal workers has conservatives freaking out because Hispanics—oh, sorry, because tyranny! Though it isn’t, and it’s something other presidents have done. But no, it’s Obama so it’s totally different and much worse than W’s record of detention, torture and warrantless eavesdropping! Why it’s vritually ethnic cleansing! It could lead to violence.

•Before the Civil War, a slave was sold every 3.6 minutes.

•Conservatives don’t have a better idea than Obamacare, other than letting poor people die of illness.

•I agree with LGM, the idea that if we eliminate affirmative action schools will naturally find legal ways to get the same result is a fantasy.

•Affirmative consent does not equate to “all drunk sex is rape.” And here’s a grim look at rape culture at the University of Virginia.

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