Crushed by the Canines (even more than I expected) #SFWApro

I told y’all Wednesday that the dogs were crimping my schedule but I figured by today I’d be back in the swing of things.

Not so much.

The big trouble is Trixie recovering from surgery. This requires rest and she is not a restful dog. So we’ve started putting her in the crate more, as putting her in the big pen leads to several minutes of frantic medically unapproved jumping before she calms down. Only today when I took Dudley out (I’m in favor of renaming Dudley “Plushie” but TYG isn’t convinced), Trixie set up a Noooo, Don’t Abandon Me wail that I caved after I got back in. Rather than put her in the pen as TYG really worries about her jumping, I took her onto my lap. Some franticness resulted, but eventually she calmed down, curled up (literally) and went to sleep. Which was sweet, but I couldn’t do much work that way. And after I finished with her, I felt an obligation to Dudley to give him some attention—you’d be amazed how fast that sort of thing sucks up time.

So while it really has been a wonderful week on a personal level, work-wise it’s been mediocre. However I did finish my latest And column and it’s already out. It’s on multiple incidents of online misogyny (several of which I’ve blogged about already).

I am determined to find some way to be more productive next week, because waiting until after Wednesday (when the incision will have fully healed) is way too long to wait. I love our new companiones, but I don’t want this to be NaNoNaNoDogMo!

Oh, well, at least I don’t have to worry about it for this weekend. 🙂

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