Game Changer

The Supreme Court’s decision not to review several cases striking down gay marriage bans makes gay weddings legal in five states (and will eventually affect several more, including North Carolina). Scott Lemieux argues it’s a very good outcome, as there’s no guarantee which way the court would have ruled.

Yes, I think Amazon workers should be paid while they’re standing in line for security checks.

•I’ve blogged about it before, but some male atheists are as sexist as any patriarchal right-wing Christian

•Norway decided not to bid on the Winter Olympics. Among the International Olympic Committee’s requirements for a bid were that Norway create separate lanes on any roads the IOC would use and keep all other drivers out of them.

•In 2012, Floridian Michael Dunn shot a teenager he said threatened to shoot him after Dunn complained about the rap music in the teen’s car. Dunn claimed self-defense and got a hung jury. Now he’s been retried and found guilty. In case you’re wondering, no other witnesses saw a gun and no gun was ever found.

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