No, the people threatening rape are the good guys, she said! WTF?

I’ve written before about how some men target women for online harassment, for example because the woman criticized a comic-book cover. It’s particularly unpleasant to be a woman and discuss sexism in videogames. Case in point, Anita Sarkeesian, who’s been the target of death threats, rape threats and an online game that showed her being beaten up.
And now we have Christina Hoff Sommers who likes to style herself as a feminist (as opposed to an anti-feminist special snowflake), but a real feminist, not one of the ones who complain about sexism directed at women (she has written a book about how feminism has made it a living hell to be a boy). In a Tweet last week she declared that “I always expected other liberal-minded scholars to join me in exposing 3rd wave feminist lunacy.Never happened.But now the gamers r here.”
So apparently as long as they’re standing up to feminists, they’re the heroes. Even if they’re threatening rape or divulging personal information online. Or insisting that nope, all those death threats never really happened.
Even for an anti-feminist, that’s embarrassing. Or it should be.
The link above also discusses a set of articles on National Review on how women should be more understanding about sexual harassment and catcalls: Don’t they know the guy is deep down hoping that the woman will treat him the same way? Aren’t they flattered? And besides, she asked for it dressing like that!
I wonder if National Review would say the same thing if straight men were the regular victim of unattractive women (as opposed to fantasy catcalls from Scarlet Johanssen)? Or gay men? Oh, wait, I don’t wonder at all.
Echidne look at this in more depth.


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