Battered by Busy-ness (#SFWApro)

Definitely feeling a little overloaded this week.
Now that Demand Media is providing a steady stream of articles, I spend my mornings working on those because they bring in money (guess what? I like earning money).
I also have to work on my time travel book each week because that has a deadline.
I can’t bring myself not to work on fiction because I love it.
And I have to keep marketing stories and sending out articles queries because that’s how you sell stuff.
So between the stuff I want to do and the stuff I need to do (which is also fun, but nothing’s quite as much as fiction), I’m busy. Which is stressful. And I have to squeeze my Demand Media rewrites (when I have them) in on the morning shift which eats up time for new stuff, because I’m usually watching movies (or collapsing) in the evenings.
Plus I had to run the car in to the dealer for an emergency checkup this week, and that took some time (even though I was able to write while I’m there.
On the other hand, I’m earning money, working on fiction and working on another film-reference book, which is not so bad. First world suffering!
Speaking of fiction, I read one of my older stories, “All Happy Families” to the writers’ group Tuesday and got some good feedback. I suspect I’ll need to tweak the story in a couple of spots but it sounds like it works better than I thought (though a couple of people hated it).
I’ve finished replotting Southern Discomforts and started the fourth draft. I’m already seeing minor changes that need to be made, but I don’t think they’ll cause any problems. However I intend to revisit the plot at least briefly every week so I can update and change as I go. We’ll see if that makes things smoother.
I submitted one magazine query (an idea another magazine shot down—they liked it, but they already had one on the topic in the works) and sent “Leave the World to Darkness” in again. I haven’t submitted any fiction since June, so I’m really glad to be back on top of that, even if it’s only one story a week.
I submitted my next And column but it isn’t up on the website yet. So that’s it for the week.

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