Not much time travel (#SFWApro)

As visiting Mum didn’t mesh well with watching Netflix.

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 3: Revelations (2009) surprised me by departing from the formula in the first two films. In this one, the protagonist has the same power (jumping back into his past self) but uses it for profit: he watches murders, then reports them to the police in the present, claiming a reward for his “psychic” powers. He never changes anything because the one time he tried (saving his sister from a fire), his parents died. But then his murdered girlfriend’s sister convinces him the convicted killer is innocent, so he goes back and intervenes … and in the present the woman is only the first victim of the “Pontiac Killer” and he’s a prime suspect. There are huge logic gaps in this, but it’s interesting that in a sense, it’s the villain who’s getting the do-overs (a crazed stalker, she’s killing the protagonist’s women before he ever meets them). Unlike the previous two films, this has a happy ending, though with an unconvincing It’s Not Really Over twist. “Oh, god, this is so very SCOOBY DOO, isn’t it?”

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