A week without work (#SFWApro)

Mum turned 80 this week (yay!). My siblings and I had planned to go up and do a big visit as we did on her 75th. Craig, however, had a conflict, so my sister Tracy suggested we go up at Thanksgiving instead. That didn’t work for me (much as I’d like to see them both) as the odds are TYG wouldn’t be able to go, and I don’t want to give up a holiday with her. So we ended up with me going up this week and them coming at Thanksgiving.
Nothing much has changed since my last visit, though in some ways she’s doing slightly better. Maybe. It’s hard to tell when there’s seven months between visits. As before I crashed on the couch and endured the endless blaring from the TV (it’s still both more practical and cheaper than a hotel). We visited her GP (she’s finally got one up there—it’s been a few years) and I sorted out some paperwork, as usual.
The highpoint was setting up a Skype session with our cousin Peter in New Zealand (the one who wrote the book about our family). It was really cool as he and Mum discussed various relatives, including my great-grandmother, whom I never met (she sounds a lot like my Great-Aunt May, very gruff but soft on the inside). It’s the first time Mum and Peter have seen each other in a decade, so I’m quite pleased with myself (I haven’t seen him in probably 50 years).
I also took Mum out to dinner but due to not knowing the layout of the town we wound up spending most of the time on the road and had to settle for takeout at Panera Bread rather than eating there. I think I probably wore her out.
Needless to say, next to no work done at all, but it was worth the trip, of course.

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