Links for writers. Also comics fans, moviegoers and musicians (#SFWApro)

English professor Anne Curzan on what makes a word real (rather than slang or wong).
•I’ve mentioned before you are not what you read. Shannon Thompason says you’re not your characters either. It’s interesting: I can understand assuming the author shares a character’s politics (even though that’s often a misjudgment too) but assuming you have the same drinking tastes as your character?
•A post on not telling cliched stories. Here’s another post on bad infographics.
•A good metaphor for not working for free.
•This history makes me want to write a historical fantasy with an executioner.
•Scarlet Johansson may have a smash hit as Lucy, but don’t look for a Black Widow movie (or any other female super-hero lead) for a few years yet.
•The Better Man Project on jumping without being sure of the landing.
•Living in a world where the comics market includes hundreds of options is wonderful for readers, but the system is cracking under the weight of the numbers, a comics-store owner says.
•The recording industry is suing Ford and General Motors over vehicles with CD-ripping technology, on the grounds it violates copyright.
•This comics post lists a number of female-protagonist web comics, which I’ve bookmarked to check out. Some print suggestions here.
•This article muses on why Einstein became the poster-boy for genius creativity. Though I think it underestimates the level of celebrity culture in prior eras—Edison had the same kind of legendary status back in his own day, for instance.
•How one indie author approaches marketing.
•An editor lists five problems she sees regularly.
Expendables 3 has already been downloaded over 100,000 times.
•LA Times looks at the San Diego Comic-Con’s efforts to rein in harassment and how bad the problem can be. John Scalzi says SDCC has taken some good steps, but it needs to define harassment better.
•The world’s weirdest book?
•Three sources for free photos for a blog or website.
•Methods for dealing with procrastination.
•Streaming music stations such as Pandora are killing contemporary jazz and classical artists. The problems include that streaming is squeezing out small publishers, the royalty rate is miserable and for various reasons, “search” features don’t work very well for those genres.
•Speaking of copyright, here’s Consumerist on your rights if a TV station uses your YouTube video without permission.


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3 responses to “Links for writers. Also comics fans, moviegoers and musicians (#SFWApro)

  1. Thank you for sharing my piece about authors not being their characters. :]

  2. Nathaniel Dean James

    Thanks for using our interview post as a billboard for advertising your own. What a swell guy you must be!

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