The “Beyonce voter” and other links

It’s fascinating, in a way, how conservatives keep trotting out the idea that single women (now christened the Beyonce voters) vote for Democrats because they want stuff: “They depend on government because they’re not depending on their husbands. They need contraception, health care, and they love to talk about equal pay.” Because, of course, if it was the good old days when the women got married and only worked for pin money, then they wouldn’t yap about discrimination so much.
Of course, a government requirement employee health insurance cover contraception isn’t government paying for stuff—that insurance is part of workers’ pay packages.
And even in the 1950s, there were lots of women who worked to support their families or themselves, who actually needed the money. More so now, when it’s a lot harder to make ends meet on one income (not that you’ll see conservatives worrying about that any time soon).
And how exactly would depending on government make women any different from for-profit prisons, military contractors or Tennessee Representative Stephen Fincher (who collects millions in farm subsidies while condemning people on food stamps). Oh, wait, because they’re women. And women voting is just bad.
•Many of the rich still think they’re oppressed.
•Faith Street points out that while some types of birth control could hypothetically function as an abortifacent, blocking birth control increases the number of women and children who’ll die, not hypothetically.
Personally I’ve always thought that if you’re not taking birth control to abort a fertilized egg but it happens that way, it counts as a miscarriage, not an abortion, just like if you took any medicine which had that side effect. Of course, I imagine there are right-to-lifers who think women shouldn’t take those either.
•The Baffler reports that Democrats are showing little enthusiasm for tackling income inequality.
•Kansas enacted slashing tax cuts to boost the economy. The economy tanked. Gov. Sam Brownback is as wrong about economics as he is about rape.
•I was planning to write about this piece on how support for gay marriage and birth control is making it impossible to be a good Christian in public life, but Slacktivist beat me to it and said it better.
I will add, though, that while writer Alan Noble focuses on the rights of businesses not to cater gay marriage or provide what they believe are abortifacents (even if they’re not) that’s a selective view of the debate. If the Supreme Court ruled tomorrow that no business was ever required to work a gay wedding or serve a gay customer, I don’t believe for a minute that the anti-gay activists would stop pushing against gay marriage. Nor will the Hobby Lobby exemption stop the push against birth control.
•Perhaps it’s unsurprising (oh, it’s definitely unsurprising) that as trans rights become more visible as an issue, the right wing starts to freak out.
•Citibank will pay out $7 billion to settle mortgage fraud charges. Meanwhile, a legal battle between AmEx and the DOJ could affect the credit-card universe.

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