One day you’re up, next day you’re down (#SFWApro)

Overall, this week was mostly up, though.
•A special project for Demand media added some extra cash to my bank account, which was welcome. And the regular Demand articles are showing up on the website again, so I can start to earn money regularly again. That’s nice.
•I started work on another freelance project which should add a little more money to the coffers. The interviews are done, now it’s just the writing.
•I watched plenty of films for Time Travel on Screen (details to come this weekend).
•I submitted another magazine query and two queries on possible freelance jobs. After getting the above-mentioned freelance assignment, I feel a little more enthusiasm for such longshots. And I sent out Fiddler’s Black once again, after a couple of minor changes.
•I reworked my short story Kernel of Truth. I got some good feedback from an editor last month and I’ve been applying it. Next week, I’ll send it out again.
•The down part was that my brain absolutely refused to work on Southern Discomforts. I think I’m resisting because there’s a plot problem that I haven’t identified—my mind does that sometimes. So Monday, I’ll try to figure out what it is. Eventually I had to cut short my fiction writing time and try to find other useful stuff, like doing some of Mum’s paperwork and a little bit of cleaning.
The writer’s block on the book rankles, but still, after the long drought of the past couple of months, having money coming in is quite welcome.

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