Is this a link I see before me?

If you log into Verizon’s website, every site you visit will soon be tracked—all in order to serve you better, don’t you know?
•There’s a reason some people are randomly selected to pass through TSA checkpoints fast—complete randomness.
•Free market? Don’t expect a wave of competition in cable companies any time soon. And here’s another piece, on false claims net neutrality will cripple the industry, and one on why paying for “fast lanes” is not neutral.. As for Internet, get ready for data caps.
•Echidne looks once again at the problem of getting good data on gender roles and stay-at-home parents.
•A week ago I linked to discussion of Tal Fortgang, a Princeton freshman who resents being told he has white privilege. Kathleen Geier points out that one of his defenses—his grandparents really suffered!—is becoming a stock one for rich conservatives who want to look like they understand the common man.
•Even in the 21st century, cops and E/R doctor sometimes ignore rape cases. At the link, Yes means yes suggests one reason is that reporting fewer rapes makes crime stats look better.
•Law and the Multiverse reports a court ruling that clones can’t be patented.
•Even in Texas, parents are becoming concerned about the risk of injury from football.
•Amazon’s shipping methods may make it easier for fake products to go out instead of the right ones?
•The Daily Beast argues that feminist criticism of women who say “I’m not a feminist” is why millenial women don’t call themselves feminist. I agree that ripping the actor in question a new one is a bit much, but I can’t help thinking decades of right-wingers complaining that feminists are humorless and irrationally angry or bitter and feminism is just plain bad probably has more to do with it.
•Chief Justice Roy Moore of Alabama asserts that since “God created us”—meaning the Christian God, of course—therefore other religions aren’t covered by the First Amendment. He took it back later, but I suspect the first statement is truer to his beliefs. And he’s not unique. Oh, Moore also believes secular government leads to sharia law, but he’s not unique in that view, either.
•Europe’s top court says Google can be held responsible if the search engine turns up private information.
•Amateurism continues as an excuse for the NCAA to exploit and control athletes. In another example, a player had to sign an affidavit his girlfriend was a real girlfriend and not just using him to get good seats at games.
•What makes an evangelical controversial?
•A student remembers 1959, when a confederate group overruled the student body to get her school named after “slave-running drunk and KKK leader Nathan Bedford Forest.”
•If you employ people, you’re supposed to pay them their wages.
Here’s how to avoid dealing with reality: Explain everything you don’t like is a conspiracy! Sandy Hook was just part of a government “false flag” operation. Which is not a unique kind of thinking to gun extremists: After one of the big 9/11 Truther documentaries was ripped to pieces for errors, other Truthers started insisting the whole thing was a government fake to discredit them.
•A character on Mad Men got a $100/week raise. Some viewers are so used to flat wages, they questioned if this was ever possible (yes, it was).
•A dissatisfied consumer posted a negative review online. Once again, the company sued.

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