Boys and girls come out to link

A list of nine key triumphs for the women’s movement. If nothing else, they remind us of what used to be legal—a century ago, for instance, a woman marrying a foreign man lost her citizenship.
•Kenya legislators are debating a bill to legalize polygamy. The sticking point for female legislators is that it allows a man to add wives without consulting or seeking permission from previous wives.
•Sports columnist Richard Sherman on football player Desean Jackson who (I gather) has been suspended from playing for “gang ties.” Sherman argues it’s less about gang ties than growing up in neighborhoods with gangs—and that nobody wants to be the guy who just cuts his old friends off once he makes it.
•Getting tough on illegal immigrants, LGM says, is both a policy mistake and a political one. As Slate notes here, it’s going to hurt Dems at a time when Repubs are already struggling to reduce nonwhite voting.
•How should the Park Service deal with slavery and the South’s support of it when managing Civil War memorials and parks?
•Rick Perlstein looks at Repub financier and power-broker Sheldon Adelson. Remember him if someone claims rich people don’t want political influence.
•The Consumerist gives an excellent breakdown of what the recent Supreme Court campaign finance ruling means. The big edge is that not only can one donor give to as many campaigns as she wants, but as many PACs—so if you have 100 PACS working for one candidate’s election, that’s a sea change in the game.
•A radio host says a baseball player should have made his wife have a C-section so that he wouldn’t have missed opening day to be with her.
•Yelp faces complaints that it uses complaints on its site to squeeze advertising money out of businesses. You don’t advertise, the complaints say, you get bad reviews.
•Comcast has announced it isn’t applying data caps to our use of the Internet, they’re “data thresholds.”
•In 2006, Mississippi prosecuted a woman whose baby was born with an umbilical cord wrapped round its neck: Mom had used cocaine, so it was murder! Now a judge has thrown out the conviction, though the prosecutor says he’s try again. This is not an isolated incident.
•The significance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a new US trade agreement.

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