A smattering of links

A passenger tells a female pilot she should be a mother, not an aviator.
•Just because Radio Shack is tanking and closing hundreds of stores doesn’t mean they can’t pay a $500,000 bonus to the CEO.
•Kentucky ain’t exactly a blue state, so I give Attorney General Jack Conway credit for refusing to keep fighting a court ruling granting gay couples from other states marital status in Kentucky. Conway says the judge’s ruling is sound and morally right, and the state’s not going to win. The governor, however, is ready to spend more money fighting to keep discriminating.
•Remember Marissa Alexander, the woman convicted of assault in Florida for firing warning shots at her abusive husband? An appeals court threw out her conviction, but a district attorney is now out to retry her with eyes on a 60-year sentence if Alexander loses.
•Some conservatives are horrified that 12 Years a Slave makes white slaveowners look like the bad guys.
•No, gun control is not the first step toward genocide.
•The Supreme Court will hear charges Amazon forces workers to put in unpaid time. I shop on Amazon, but it appears they treat their employees like utter shit.
•New York Mayor Bill deBlasio shuts down a charter school. Right-wingers compare it to Putin occupying the Crimea. And as noted at the link, why is it that so many right-wingers are fine with cutting off unemployment payments or drug-testing food stamps but insist charters have a right to government funding, and with no supervision. Jeb Bush, when he was governor of Florida, wanted public schools tested and measured but private ones getting voucher money? No, the free market will handle it! It later turned out his program was so poorly set up that a school that took $250,000 and didn’t enroll any more students (the money went to keep it afloat) hadn’t actually broken any of the rules.
Okay, poorly set up if your goal is education. If it’s to channel more private money to corporate welfare queens, hey, mission accomplished.

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