Sunday morning linkage

It’s cold out. So we’re not leaving the house for a bit yet. So blogging instead.
•War against South America’s indigenous tribes continues.
•Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas insists racism was not a problem when he was a kid in the 1960s.
•Consumerist looks at the potential power Comcast gains if it buys up Time-Warner. Related: Alaskans with data caps have to prioritize what they use the Internet for (past posts on the site have looked at evidence data caps are more for squeezing money out of consumers than because there’s actually a data drain). Some services apparently stream Netflix slower than others. And Internet companies do their best to limit municipal broadband alternatives.
•James Taranto, who thinks tackling sexual assaults in the military criminalizes masculinity, continues his career as a rape apologist. Defeating the Dragons responds.
•I don’t like Tetley’s, though it wouldn’t surprise me if worker exploitation was common in other brands too.
•One of the reasons airlines can’t find enough pilots is that they don’t pay enough. As I’ve mentioned before, if a company can’t or won’t pay enough to hire employees,the problem’s not with the employees.
•Robert Nielsen writes about the gender pay gap. Echidne of the Snakes dissects some arguments that the gap doesn’t exist.
•The federal government has issued rules for banks dealing with legal pot businesses.
•ProPublica looks at a former government regulator trying to avoid lobbying her former colleagues.
•Rheality Check notes how the anti-birth control mandate battle is trending: employers that insisted they should be able to opt out now say opting out compromises their religious freedom.
•Tennessee Republican politicians would sooner drive VW out of the state than let unions in. Although the workers’ rejection of the union may be due to other causes too.
•LGM looks at another pundit arguing that Obama should strike a deal with people who don’t exist.
Good news! Michael Dunn, a Floridian who fired into an SUV holding three black teens (they’d refused to turn down their music) was found guilty of three counts of attempted murder (though no conviction for the kid he actually killed). The fact he could even attempt a Stand Your Ground defense (he felt threatened! He was sure he saw a gun in the car!) is scary as hell, though.
•As I mentioned recently, some people will probably quit their jobs now that the ACA means they don’t need an employer to afford health insurance. Unsurprisingly right-wingers freak out at the thought of people voluntarily quitting.
•Erick Erickson of Fox News insists nobody who accepts homosexuality is a real Christian. Slacktivist weighs in.
Meanwhile, a Christian expresses his indignation that a couple in his social circle actually wants a gay couple to hang with them. And in Kansas, the House passed a bill that allows businesses, employees and government employees to refuse to serve gay couples if it violates their faith (more here). Fortunately it didn’t fly in the Senate.
•Speaking of religion, Rachel Held Evans speculates on what it would be like if men were held to the same Biblical standards as women.
•A woman is amazed to discover US health care isn’t the world’s best.
•Digby looks at a time-honored political tradition, blaming Democratic defeats on candidates being Too Left Wing.

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