Assorted links, late at night

•Tom Tomorrow looks at how we’d respond to the recent West Virginia disaster if terrorists were responsible.
•Italian olive oil is often adulterated. Which has increased the supply to the point even the fakesters are losing money.
•More discussion of how to re-establish net neutrality. Netflix encourages subscribers to speak out.
•You may have heard about a Satanist group pushing to put up a monument next to a Ten Commandments monument on public property in Oklahoma. Jonah Goldberg explains that somehow this is all the result of immigrants and the way we no longer have WASPs imposing a religious and social order on everyone.
•Right-wingers whine about how they’re persecuted (yeah, nothing new). Did you know that criticism of the rich is exactly like what Hitler did to the Jews?
•I’ve mentioned Mike Huckabee’s recent proclamation that the Democrats only promote contraception because they think women are sluts. Rick Santorum explains it’s just poor phrasing because the Repubs totally support women’s rights and “on the issue of contraception, I don’t think there’s a whole lot of disagreement in America.” Given Santorum believes birth control is unnatural and the government should be able to ban it, he’s either lying through his teeth or he’s deluded himself to believe all Americans support his views.
More on the Republican view of women here.
•Eric Snowden on the importance of the Fourth Amendment.
•There’s an old tradition in punditry where the writer points out both sides are blind but the pundit, being bound to neither, sees the truth! Case in point, Ross Douthat claims that conservative economic policies and liberal support for no-fault divorce and abortion are responsible for destroying marriage! N
Of course, Douthat, as a dedicated conservative Catholic, unsurprisingly explains that conservatives are really willing to compromise and embrace policies supportive of workers (in what universe, pray tell?), so liberals are worse. And Douthat’s solutions are totally middle-of-the-road—end abortion after the first trimester and make it much harder to divorce. Oh, and liberals also saturate the media with sex and then pretend it’s somehow the fault of capitalism!
As Echidne points out at the link, states where law and culture emphasize getting married, staying married and not getting abortion are the ones with the worst divorce rates. As she puts it, Douthat doesn’t want to fix the problems, he wants to keep the policies but make it harder to end the marriage even if both parties want to.

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