Foiled by the Fahrenheit! (#SFWApro)

The first couple of days I muddled through despite my lack of sleep due to our jacking up the thermostat.
By Wednesday/Thursday, however, the continued lack of sleep made me really, really sluggish. Thursday turned into a scratch day: I had stuff to do with TYG in the morning, a dentist’s appointment before noon—and by the time I got home, I just spent the afternoon asleep.
Happily I got a decent night’s sleep Thursday so I’m back up to my usual functionality.
Fiction-wise, I got several thousand words more done on Brain From Outer Space. This is definitely a much better draft than any of the recent ones, so my new approach must be working. Whether it’ll be working 70,000 words down the line … hard to say at this point, but let’s hope.
And I’m happy to report I got my first freelance assignment for the year. A friend of mine needed some material for a real-estate book, so she asked me to contribute. I’d have been happier if I’d been awake enough to finish it faster (the less time, the better the hourly rate) but I’m still pleased.
I submitted one story to F&SF, which is currently (for a brief period) accepting email submissions. I’d submitted it elsewhere but when I checked to see why I hadn’t heard anything, it turns out the magazine folded. I also contacted another magazine about a much overdue response to my submission; they’re still in business, but I haven’t heard boo. I’ll try again next week.
So not much to relate. Happily, as I have been tracking my time at different projects (using the lumina app),I know how much fiction time I need to make up. I intend to do so.

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