I think if I don’t do a Year in Review post, the blog police break my kneecaps (#SFWApro)

2013 was a good year, though I can’t say it was because of any awesome writing achievements.
Well except one: I’m still freelancing full-time, after three years, which is pretty cool. And a very practical thing as I’d hate to go back to when I worked a day job and did fiction in the evenings instead of snuggling my wife (I didn’t have her back then, but you get what I mean). And even after state taxes added in, I make more than I did at my old reporting job. It’s easy to feel insecure about this—as I’ve mentioned before, I’d be happier if I had a wider variety of clients instead of depending heavily on Demand Media—but it’s still cool. It’s what I’ve always wanted.
Beyond that I accomplished quite a bit, but nothing that’s awesome. John Scalzi can look at 2013 as the year he won the Hugo, but I didn’t accomplish anything that gave me the same thrill (bearing in mind that I’d get a thrill from doing very much less, simply because I’m starting from a lower level).
I did sell four stories, which is very pleasing—it’s more than I’ve done in a long time.
I saw two stories published (Peace With Honor and Heads Up), and put out an anthology on my own in my first attempt at self-publishing (if you need a late Christmas present, just click on the link …).
I sold my first magazine article in a while, to Boys’ Life, though it’s not out yet.
Progress in other areas is harder to measure. I’m pleased with the work I did on Brain From Outer Space and Southern Discomfort, but will I still be pleased when I complete the next drafts (I’m hoping to have them close to final-draft form by the end of 2014)? Will the shorts I’m working on pan out? And, of course, will any of them sell or will it be another lean year? Time will tell whether I’ve been productive or just spinning my wheels.
Away from the computer, things are very good. I have a house, a new car and a wife of two years (the relationship itself is six years old this summer) I love madly. This is way better than I was doing before I met her. Way better than I thought I’d be able to manage at this point in life.
And, of course, I didn’t have an aneurysm. Facing the possibility and then learning it’s a false alarm does put a positive spin on everything else.
Happy New Year, everyone.

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