Sunday morning links

Phil Robertson’s suspension for his racist anti-gay remarks is over. Echidne looks at some of his other remarks from the past (non-Christian cultures are evil! You have to marry women before they turn 20 or they’ll just become gold-diggers!).
•In discussing Robertson, right-winger Mike Huckabee mentions his great tolerance for gays. Like saying homosexuals are an aberration, equivalent to pedophiles, opposing money for AIDS research …
•A judge rules that NSA keeping phone data is legal. Another judge has ruled the opposite, so we’ll probably have to wait for a higher court to weigh in.
•Yet another attempt to form a libertarian enclave, with an economy built on Bitcoins.
•A dead pregnant woman in Texas is being kept on a respirator in the belief her 14-week-old baby might live.
•Several good links from Slacktivists involving atheists at risk for execution, Christian support for Uganda’s anti-gay laws and claims Obama is closing our embassy to the Vatican.
•LGM asks if movies about crooked Wall Street scams don’t actually benefit the financial sector by implying everyone else is legit.
•American Express has to pay almost $70 million for deceptive advertising.
•Growing numbers of white Christians think “separate but equal” is acceptable, and that the best way to solve our racial problems is to stop talking about them.
•A look at Illinois Bishop Thomas Paprocki who blames every political development he disapproves of on Satan (as a former Bible belt resident, I don’t find this that odd, actually).
•The problems with YouTube’s system for shutting down copyright violations.
•Slacktivist reminds us that unemployment isn’t a matter of laziness, it’s a matter of not having enough jobs (like one job for every three job-seekers). Digby points out that borrowing to provide unemployment benefits won’t break us.
•A teen says he was suspended for tearing up a Bible to protest anti-gay bullying in school.
Another right-wing terrorist.
•Right before Christmas, I linked to the story of the drunk teenage driver in Texas who got off with just probation because his family never gave him a good moral foundation (according to his attorneys). Here’s some reaction from the people involved.
•Pastor John Hagee says atheists who don’t like seeing Christmas scenes or hearing Merry Christmas should just leave the country.
•A federal court rules that terrorism is an existential threat equivalent to plague. So shredding the Bill of Rights is justified.
•The Department of Justice decides not to indict a British bank that laundered billions for Mexican cartels. Top executives will have their bonuses deferred, and the bank will pay a penalty, but no criminal indictments. Digby compares that to the treatment of regular drug offenders.

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