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A law professor blogs about being targeted not for her ideas but being a non-white woman. I’ve heard many people claim over the years that because of affirmative action, women aren’t taken seriously, but the reactions she described show someone can always find grounds to discredit a woman. She slept her way in. Her job isn’t really important (one of blogger Matt Forney’s arguments why women don’t deserve self-esteem). She’s an “outlier.” And so on.
•Several major New York stores agree not to stop and frisk nonwhite customers.
•Given the usual undead sexist cliches about what’s “natural” for men and women, here’s something natural and very different.
•Michigan won’t even let private insurance cover abortion costs now. Wonkette points out that while riders are allowed, a rape victim who becomes pregnant won’t be able to get one.
•Digby suggests the amazing freedom of having lots of investment options (instead of boring old things like Social Security) is a bigger pain than it looks.
•Lovely. A San Francisco entrepreneur grumbles that the city’s poor don’t realize it’s “a privilege” that they’re allowed to walk downtown on the same streets where he goes to work.
Looking at 2014: some First Amendment cases ahead.
•The School-to-Prison pipeline.
•Bank and credit-card agreements are written to take away our right to sue.
•Mormons now allow black priests.
•According to this blogger, Homeschooled women are way smarter than feminists but they don’t take part in debate or anything unfeminine like that. And they know men and women are different! Defeating the Dragons points out it’s possible to be feminist and homeschooled.
•Here are the latest legal attacks planned for Obamacare.
•I’ve written about men’s rights activists before. RH Reality Check discusses the problems of misogynists reinforcing each others’ views on women.
•Antifeminist Camille Paglia babbles bullshit but keeps getting published.
•Recommendations from Obama’s committee on fixing the NSA. Digby adds more here. Like her, I think this is good news, but it’s not going to be welcomed with open arms.
•It used to be “society’s to blame” was the stock explanation for poor kids running wild. Now it’s a rich kid who gets to get off with manslaughter. As noted at the link, won’t this just reinforce his belief that he’s never going to pay for his actions.
•A judge in Utah refuses to crack down on polyamorous relationships (not a multiple marriage), saying the state’s pushing the law too far. Meanwhile, a judge finds the collection of phone metadata unconstitutional.
•Abortion is not like slavery. And as I’ve said myself, contraceptives are a good thing.
•Some noteworthy women’s health studies from 2013.
•A useful reminder on the limits of digital content—as in, you may buy it, but you don’t own it.

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