Writing-related links (mostly)

Contrary to some predictions, it looks like ebooks are stabilizing their market share at around 30 percent. John Scalzi comes to a similar conclusion here. Dissenters show up in comments at both sites. Of course, as I’ve noted before, much of the comments are either guesswork or anecdotal.
•Amazon meanwhile is offering small bookstores a program for selling Kindles and a cut of book sales on those Kindles. Consumerist looks at the ups and down. Publisher’s Weekly reports most booksellers see the downs.
•Turning to hard copy, here’s a look at some of the world’s most stunning libraries. And here we have the Vatican and the University of Oxford joining forces to make some old works available online (and by old I mean all the way back to Greek and Hebrew Biblical texts).
•The problems of condensing historical events into a few paragraphs.
•Sofia Samatar on writing around story problems.
•George R. Martin’s tips for fantasy writers. There’s one I’ll come back to later, but it’ll take more time than I have tonight.
•It’s not news that movies with female leads can be hits, but even the NYT feels compelled to mention it.
•Would you believe ET was originally conceived as a horror film?

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