Assorted linkage

Echidne of the Snakes looks at the Bechdel test, and people who are shocked, shocked and appalled that anyone thinks this standard is a worthwhile one.
Here, the Goddess of Snakes points out how evolutionary-psychology cliches reinforces sexism and misogyny (something I’ve discussed in the past, here for example). Here’s a post from a multi-part series on the same topic (regarding claims that women use bitchiness to target sexual rivals)
•British universities say that if a speaker’s religion requires a gender-segregated audience, the university is obligated to make students comply because religious freedom!
•A New Jersey town settled a lawsuit over housing discrimination. LGM celebrates, because the settlement means the Supreme Court won’t get a shot.
•Part of the outrage over insurance plans getting canceled may relate to insurers omitting facts—like possible alternatives to being switched to a higher-priced policy.
•Google neglected to inform people about cookie-tracking their underlying behaviour.
•Liberals who argue politics at Thanksgiving are fascists! Because only fascists do that!
•SF author John Wright mansplains that female characters who are warriors, scientists, or have lots of sex aren’t real women, they’re male characters in drag! Here’s a list of other authors with anti-semitic/anti-muslim/anti-gay views (Wright’s in there too, asserting that if racism is bad, then so is homosexuality).
•Florida’s governor really hates Obamacare.
•Kenneth Copeland, who claims veterans shouldn’t seek help for mental problems, isn’t too keen on rendering unto Caesar.
•Oh, and here’s an argument worrying about sexual assault in the military just makes women weak. And it’s not really a crisis, so there!
•My latest And column covers voting rights and Republican distaste for them. My next column is going to focus on Repub hate for sexually active women, which makes this blog post relevant.
•Digby argues that while a majority of Americans say they oppose liberalism, that’s not set in stone (or even exactly true—specific liberal positions command a lot of support).


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